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Southern California Water Resources Management

Southern California Water Resources Management planning provides a framework for sound management of Southern California water resources by local, State, and federal agencies.

The goal of the program is to assist local water agencies in planning the management of their existing and future water supplies and in developing the means of meeting the growing demands within their jurisdictions. This program helps incorporate local water plans into a statewide plan for meeting the State's future water needs. Studies that will help rural counties and their small communities deal with water-related problems are also included.

New water supplies are increasingly costly and difficult to develop, so existing surface and groundwater supplies must be used effectively. Among the water management measures to be considered are water exchanges, conjunctive use of surface and groundwater, and more efficient use of water through conservation and recycling.

This program also supports local investigations that contribute to the California Water Plan. The California Water Plan is a general guide for water management activities throughout the State. Updates of the California Water Plan are published in the Bulletin 160 series.

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