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Regional Colorado River Conveyance Feasibility Study
(Binational Aqueduct)

The State of California provided $3.1 million from Propositions 204 and 13 to the San Diego County Water Authority to conduct a feasibility-level engineering study of a proposed water conveyance facility that could transport both conserved Colorado River water from the Imperial Irrigation District to San Diego and Mexico's allocation of Colorado River water to Tijuana. The Department of Water Resources and the Water Authority entered into a formal funding agreement in May 1999. The Water Authority has committed up to $500,000 and Mexican government agencies have committed in-kind services.

The Department is a partner in the study and has oversight responsibilities. U.S. and Mexican engineering consultants are jointly conducting the feasibility analysis. The Mexican consultant, PRC, has presented a draft of its final report on three alternative Baja California routes to San Diego and Tijuana. The U.S. consultant is Boyle Engineering.

The study is examining alternative aqueduct routes, identifying potential sites for related water storage and water treatment facilities, and evaluating such issues as geologic features, seismic risks, environmental considerations, and costs for each route.

The evaluation of pipeline alignments in Mexico is complete; however, the work on possible pipeline alignments in the U.S. is still under way.

A feasibility report on possible pipeline alignments is complete.

Cost estimates for construction of the pipeline (using three alternative Mexican alignment routes) range from 5.2 billion to 5.7 billion pesos (U.S. $535 million to $587 million).

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors has adopted a formal resolution opposing the construction of a conveyance facility that would move Colorado River water into coastal Southern California. (See IID Press Release.)

On April 20, 2001, the mayors of both San Diego and Tijuana endorsed the binational aqueduct.

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